Aiki Jujitsu

Aiki Jujitsu is a circular, angular and linear art to deal with all attacks with or without weapons.

Goshin Aiki Jujitsu follows the Water Principle.  As water flows down hill, it never meets an obstacle head on but always flows around or to the side, weaving its way to its destination. This principle enables women and people of smaller stature to overcome much larger opponents.

Aiki Jujitsu is a fusion of the  Chinese and Okinawan kicking and striking techniques, blended with the throwing, grappling and joint locking of Daito-Ryu, and modern-day Jujitsu.  Aiki Jujitsu is one of the oldest Japanese martial arts, dating back more than five hundred years to the time of the Samurai.

Aiki Jujitsu is the most effective and safe art for law enforcement and security personnel, dealing with many controlling and submission techniques, as well as in-depth study of night stick (hanbo) and arrest techniques.

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