Protect Yourself – Women’s Self Defence Seminar

In September we held our Woman’s “Protect Yourself” seminar and it was fantastic. We had high school students who were a bit hesitant at first and were striking and stomping like they just graduated from Special Forces.

Read these two articles if you think you cannot make a difference in your own attack

Last  week while away in Quebec with my family I got a disturbing e mail from a friend that a former colleague of ours had been murdered (charged not convicted) by her partner.  I remember Candace well.  Jen used to have lunch with her.   At the time she was very young (20 years ago and she was only 21 years old).   I cannot say that we remained friends, but I remember Candace as a very sweet and kind person and her obituary reflects a common sentiment.

We have had a lot of requests to re run the Seminar for a few reasons. Firstly as a refresher for our students that took part 1 and 2 and secondly to address “back to school”, University and work.

We will be reviewing some life saving concepts and we will be adding attacks from behind and attacks on the ground.

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